Welcome to Wanda faye's Website

Welcome To Wanda Faye's Website


Ya’ll come on in and explore Wanda’s site, see her photo’s, and read Wanda’s Bio Feel free to sign her guest book. Wanda’s guestbook entries and comments are read out loud to her weekly as she still loves to hear from friends and fans alike.


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Columbia Records Promotional Photo

Funny fact: Wanda’s husband Weldon Rogers got furious over this promotional photo taken by her record label. He was so mad he said and Quote: “I am going to whip every man that buys this photo! He considered this photo pornography in 1963. For more photos of Wanda’s life visit her gallery.

Wanda Faye – Ceres Courier

Miss Wanda Faye, country singer, halls of fame member
by: Lia Martin Saturday, March 27, 2010

At 81 years old, Wanda Faye’s singing voice is as clear as a girl’s. As we discussed her
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Weldon & Wanda

Here you will find a lot of relevant information in regards to the life and times of Weldon & Wanda Rogers complete with valid citations and references.

Billboard 1966

Wanda Faye is getting national attention with her new release on Columbia Records.


Top 40


The Longest Night

The Longest Night

The Longest Night- Columbia Records released date January 3 1966

Old Memories

Old Memories

Old Memories Keep Returning- Columbia Records released date January 3 1966

Core Memories

Hall of Fame Inductees 2003

Wanda Faye Rogers inducted October 5Th 2003

Roster# 507

Cowgirl Museum Hall of Fame

Read the article and view the photos in Joe baker’s back 40 Bunkhouse newsletter.

Wanda Faye Day

Wanda Faye Day

Mayor Del Jurney read a proclamation declaring June 7TH Wanda Faye Day at the Historical Society of South east New Mexico museum in Roswell New Mexico June 10, 2010.  Read more=>>>  or watch Video here=>>>



Weldon & Wanda Rogers were a husband-wife duet team back in the late 1950s and into the 1960’s. In 1962 they had a baby boy who was named after his father, Weldon Nelson Rogers Jr. As a duet, they recorded for the Peach Records label. The duo also teamed up as songwriters. A 1964 Country Song Roundup issue includes a song called “I’m Hanging Up The Phone”,

Their original recording is below. Enjoy the song.  


Peach Record label

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