Hello and Thank you for visiting Wanda’s Site. She has had a very interesting and adventurous life. here is a link to her obituary. Ceres Courier. Local Musician Wanda Faye Rogers Dies at 89 yrs old

Funeral Home Franklin & Downs Tribute link=>>Wanda’s Tribute

 Below are church videos we hope you enjoy of Wanda & Nelson singing together in church and having fun. Her video page was shot in Roswell New Mexico where she was awarded an proclamation from the mayor. Photos, Billboard from 1964, news paper clips, memorabilia and more. There are ten or more songs from Wanda’s last album

60 Years of Country Western Swing Music. Also forget to sign her Memorial Guestbook, the family will love it and Wanda sure would. Thanks to you all who have prayed for her and our family. God Bless.

Enjoy the videos below. Wanda Faye & her son Nelson Rogers Singing and having fun in church.

1. Wanda Faye Day

2. Mothers Day

3. Easter Sunday

4. Beautiful Life

A letter from Wanda’s Grandson’s written by Freedom Triplett and read at her funeral by Andon Rogers. Feel free to Download Eternal Love

(PDF version)


For those who were unable to attend Wanda’s funeral, or watched it via Facebook live from out of state and would like to have a printable copy for a keepsake.  This is a very informative eight page program complete with obituary and packed with photos. If you are from the press,  you DO have permission to use this program or any other material on Wanda’s website you find suitable for publication in newspapers, magazines, museums, or memorabilia.

Feel free to Download  and print. (PDF version)